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Photos of the the workshop taken by Paul Jones

jenny kuan, anca metiu, ben laurie, carlo daffara, george strawn

jacques cremer, jean-michel dalle, patrice-emmanuel schmitz, tineke egyedi, jenny kuan, anca metiu; (behind tineke and jenny: gregorio robles, isidro aguillo)

ruediger glott, rishab ghosh, brian kahin.

anca metiu, ilkka tuomi, ben laurie

andrew hopkirk, klaus meyer, dirk tombeur, mark cathcart, knut blind

foreground: jacques cremer, paul david, jean-michel dalle, patrice-emmanuel schmitz  

kevin crowston, alastair burt, jacques bus, dirk kuhlman, jacques cremer

kathy stewart, kaj arno, alan cox, ismael olea (back), jim leach

klaus meyer, dirk tombeur, mark cathcart, knut blind

brian fitzgerald

jean-francois junger

marshall van alstyne, alan cox, james leach, andrew hopkirk, mark cathcart, knut blind

marshall van alstyne, maurizio de cecco (backgr), thorsten wichmann (foreground)

alexandra spitz, maurizio de cecco

declan butler, suzanne iacono, katherine stewart

suzannei iacono, katherine stewart, alexandra spitz, maurizio de cecco (background), alan cox (fore)

mark cathcart, kurt blind, kevin crowston,alastair burt

Since Paul Jones was behind the camera, there's no picture of him at the workshop, but this is what he looks like!