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Advancing the Research Agenda on Free/Open Source Software

The report on the FLOSS workshop is now available. Check it out.

These are short background statements and related documents, where applicable, prepared by the workshop participants. All the background statements should be read by all the participants before the workshop on October 14!

These statements are intended to provide answers to the question: What in your opinion are the most important questions for further research on the free/open source phenomena?

Slides presented at the workshop



Marshall Van Alstyne, University of Michigan

Research Questions proposed to the "Workshop Advancing the Re-search
Agenda on Free/Open Source Software"

Knut Blind, Frauenhofer Institute, Germany

Agent-Based Simulation to Aid Policy Making in Areas Related to Free Software
Alastair Burt, ASWAD Project/DFKI, Germany

Research priorities regarding open source software and effects on the macroeconomy
Mark Cathcart, IBM UK

Understanding Free Software: Research questions
Alan Cox, Linux/Red Hat, UK

Research priorities on the Economics of Open Source Software
Jacques Crémer & Jean Tirole, Institut d’Économie Industrielle, Université de Toulouse, France

What practices make distributed work teams effective?
Kevin Crowston, Syracuse University School of Information Studies

Open source as a different silver bullet
Carlo Daffara, AMOS Project/Connecta, Italy

The Economic Organization and Efficiency of OS/FS Software Production:
An Agenda for Integrated Research

Paul David, Stanford University & Jean-Michel Dalle, Université de Paris-VI – Jussieu

Tension between OSS-divergence and user needs for interoperability
Tineke M. Egyedi, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Open Source Software: More Placebo than Panacea?
Brian Fitzgerald, University of Limerick, Ireland

Open Source Software and the Organization of Work
Giampaolo Garzarelli, University of Rome, Italy

Research Priorities in Open Source Software Development
James D. Herbsleb, Carnegie Mellon University

Beyond Description: Testing and Bringing Information Theories to Bear on Free/Libre and Open Source Software Studies
Paul Jones, University of North Carolina

Research Agenda on Open Source
Brian Kahin, University of Maryland

How to Succeed in Business…with Open Source Software
Jennifer Kuan, Stanford University, USA

Software development as a research activity
Bernard Lang, INRIA, France
(unable to attend the workshop)

Security, Licensing and Funding in Free Software
Ben Laurie, Apache Software Foundation, UK

The Generation of the Free/Open Source Community and the Conditions for Creativity: Social and Cultural Research Agenda
James Leach, Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK

Open Source Software as a Meritocracy
Anca Metiu, INSEAD, Paris, France

Open Source Software Production - The Magic Cauldron?
Margit Osterloh, University of Zürich, Switzeland
(unable to attend the workshop)

Legal, contractual and organisational framework to bring European public sector to share and distribute software (and research software results) under open source licenses.
Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, Unisys Belgium

How are Open Source Software Projects Organized and What Makes Them Successful?
Katherine Stewart, University of Maryland

Open Source for Human Development
Ilkka Tuomi, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. Spain



Submissions from observers: