Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Survey and Study

9. Do you earn money from OS/FS, either directly or indirectly?
No 1128 47.26%
Yes, directly: I am paid for developing OS/FS. 372 15.58%
Yes, directly: I am paid for supporting OS/FS. 282 11.81%
Yes, directly: I am paid for administrating OS/FS. 437 18.31%
Yes, directly: Other reasons 105 4.4%
Yes, indirectly: I got my job because of my previous OS/FS experience 417 17.47%
Yes, indirectly: my job description does not include OS/FS development 123 5.15%
Yes, indirectly: but I also develop OS/FS in my work 304 12.74%
Yes, indirectly: Other reasons 190 7.96%

2387 answers from 2640 insertions (90.42%)

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