Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Survey and Study

7_2. And today? For what reason(s) do you go on with developing and/or distributing OS/FS? (maximal four answers)?
to participate in a new form of cooperation 904 37.23%
to learn and develop new skills 1711 70.47%
to share my knowledge and skills 1632 67.22%
to participate in the OS/FS scene 863 35.54%
to improve my job opportunities 724 29.82%
to improve OS/FS products of other developers 967 39.83%
to get a reputation in the OS/FS developersí scene 292 12.03%
to distribute not marketable software 243 10.01%
to get help in realizing a good idea for a software product 655 26.98%
to solve a problem that could not be done by proprietary software 719 29.61%
to limit the power of large software companies 701 28.87%
because I think that software should not be a proprietary product 919 37.85%
to make money 299 12.31%
I do not know 37 1.52%

2428 answers from 2774 insertions (87.53%)

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