Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Survey and Study

30. What do you think other OS/FS developers expect from you? (maximal four answers)
To be able to cooperate in a new way 615 27.98%
to let them learn and develop new skills 643 29.25%
to share my knowledge and skills 1590 72.34%
to take part in the main communications and discussions 771 35.08%
to write beautiful and aesthetic programs 528 24.02%
to provide better job opportunities 35 1.59%
to improve OS/FS products of other developers 916 41.67%
to respect them and their contributions to OS/FS 490 22.29%
to distribute not marketable software 101 4.6%
to help in realizing ideas for software products 784 35.67%
to solve a problem that could not be solved by proprietary software 367 16.7%
to help limiting the power of large software companies 255 11.6%
to make money 36 1.64%
I do not know 222 10.1%

2198 answers from 2421 insertions (90.79%)

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