Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Survey and Study

24. If you had to describe the OS/FS scene in general, which of the statements below reflects most your opinion? The OS/FS scene is a forum... (check maximal 3 answers)
for an general discussion about software 370 16.24%
for a sporty competition about the best code 387 16.99%
for innovative breakthroughs 831 36.48%
providing imitations of proprietary software products and services 187 8.21%
for software developers who need a toolbox 426 18.7%
providing more variety of software 925 40.61%
for people with the same interests 372 16.33%
for people who look for project partners 135 5.93%
for people using new forms of cooperation 506 22.21%
that enables more freedom in software development 1473 64.66%
for career improvements 97 4.26%
to exchange knowledge 1302 57.16%
for people looking for fun 473 20.76%

2278 answers from 2512 insertions (90.68%)

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